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Who are you and what do you do?

Hi my name is Markus Peitl, as that website name might suggest and i am an independent software developer, who works mostly remotely, so we could work together from anywhere around the world.

How can i book you?

Just send me a Mail with your contact details and a short description of your project or just use the contact form on this site, i will then contact you to scedule an appointment either over Skype or locally if you are located in Vienna/Linz.
Optionally you can also contact me via LinkedIn or Xing.

How does the process work?

  1. After getting to know each other and having decided to work together, we have another (or in the same) meeting discussing the details of the project, etc.
    (If you have a team already working on the project, it is best to have one of your developers in the conference, as that makes things a lot faster if technical questions should arise)
  2. I probably also will ask a lot of questions to make sure that your project requirements are met.
    (Longer projects need more work in this planning phase and may require multiple meetings)
  3. Then i will create an offer for the project based on my rate and the hour calculation, with key points that need to be fulfilled for completing the project and send it to you.
    (Longer project would have multiple offers for different modules/parts of the application)
  4. If you accept, i can get to work and periodically notify you about the progression of the project.
  5. I turn in the project and wait for feedback (short meeting).
  6. The feedback gets incorporated into the project.
  7. I’ll send you a bill with the completion fee.

Where are you located?

I live in Austria, more specifically in Vienna and have possibilities to stay in Linz for short periods of time.

Are you willing to move, or take on a freelance job full-time?

Sorry, but currently i have no plans to do so, i am pretty confident however that i could be of help entirely remotely though.

Short Profile:

Markus Peitl

Profile Picture of Markus Peitl

Knowledge and Skills


  • German: Native tongue
  • English: Fluent


  • Kung Fu
  • Music
  • Programming
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Travel

Focus technologies

  • C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • C
  • Tensorflow
  • Python
  • D3.JS
  • Typescript
  • Angular
  • OpenCV
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • XML
  • Xamarin
  • OpenGL
  • XAML
  • Unity Engine
  • UWP
  • Android SDK
  • Visual Studio
  • Google Firebase
  • Node.js
  • Microcontroller
  • FFmpeg
  • .NET Framework

My Education:

Technical University of Vienna

2019 – NOW Major: Visual Computing, MSc.

Basically modern computer science and visual computing sciences.
So how to write scientific papers, some of the courses require you to be able to read and implement the contents of recently published (2019, 2020) papers.
I would say that it goes less into the praxis and more into the the theoretical (that you can implement the things presented is often assumed), with the goal of preparing you to do state-of-the-art research in computer science and visual computing (computer vision, computer graphics, deep learning)

Technical University of Vienna

2015 – 2019 Major: Mediainformatics and Visual Computing, BSc.

Similar to the Software Engineering major, but with more focus on Computer Vision and Computer Graphics.

Computer Vision:

The task of extracting any information from visual data (images, videos, 3d point clouds, etc)
Examples: Facedetection, detecting faulty parts in a factory with a camera, etc.

Computer Graphics:

How to write software to visualize data (3d models, 2d visualization, real time 3d effects)
Examples: 3d game engine, visualizing network data for exploration, user interface design and implementation, modelling physical perception illumination/shading/refraction, etc.

HTBLA Leonding

2009 – 2014 Electronics / Technical Informatics

Full education in electronics engineering practical as well as theoretical including:
telecommunication, hand on circuit board construction, laboratory (with electronics experiments + analysis with protocols), hands on experience in house electrics, robot construction, circuit board construction, CNC milling machines, (metal/plasticworking, etc), measuring

Theory: How do microcontroller work, how do modern telecommunication systems work, automatization, calculating circuits.

In the 3rd year the focus course technical informatics was chosen (software programming/embed systems programming (Java, C, C++))


ProApp/Aymatic Video (2yrs)

Android, C#, Xamarin, FFmpeg, Firebase

  • Guided video creation using Android app.
  • Full video recording, editing, sampling, rendering, video project management software which guides the user through the video creation process informed by expert knowledge (in video marketing).
  • Worked exceptionally well for event videos.

  • Recording Module:

    Custom Video Recorder guiding the user, with a transparent overlay to show the subject to be filmed and visual queues for timing the length of the shot (MediaRecorder, Camera, SurfaceTexture) Focus with custom focus rectangle and camera settings management by the app.

  • Player Module:

    Custom Video Player with accurate seeking (using ExoPlayer2 api) Live virtual cutting:, only the selected section of the timeline was played

  • Firebase Module:

    Connection to google firebase for authentication, user management, dowloading of selected content used by the application. Creation of objects based on online data using Factory Pattern.

  • Rendering Module:

    FFmpeg (native C++ library) custom built with ubuntu for use with Android (as a custom build was necessary to use a LGPL licence instead of the default GPL licence). FFmpeg was used to cut the video, add animations, remix music + audio and put everything together into a single video.

  • Preview Player:

    Playing a preview of the full video without rendering

  • Common Module:

    A PCL (Portable Class Library) Library for sharing models and behaviours between platforms.

  • Whole Project was refactored several times, where heavy emphasis on abstraction, modularization and reusability was set.

Hand Pose Recognition with Deep Neural Networks (1yr)

(Bachelor Thesis) Python, Tensorflow

Implementation of a Convolutional Neural Network with tensorflow and python. Goal was to classify the degree of hand contraction from hand images, by training a neural network for this task.

  • Created a framework for rapid testing of different datasets and models.
  • Created a dataset from videos and alternatively from generated data of a 3d model.
  • Trained Model and optimized result
  • Implemented real time prediction of images from a feed (webcam, video)

Aymatic Web (1yr)

Angular, NodeJs, Typescript, Javascript, Html, Css, FFmpeg

  • Automatic video creation using product data from websites.
  • Could take your shop and automatically create videos with music and visualization from your products and inserts those videos into your shop.
  • All of that fully automatically.
  • Manual selection of content was also possible (was used for videos of cars from a car reseller)

Power Mind Map


  • Vector Graphics Mind Mapping App for Windows 8 and 10, implemented using C#, XAML and Universal Windows Platform UWP


C++, OpenCV

Implementation of a Convolutional Neural Network with tensorflow and python. Goal was to classify the degree of hand contraction from hand images, by training a neural network for this task.

  • Automatisation of a robot crane, utilizing 2 webcams.
  • The cranes purpose was to pick up a colored ball, the webcams and the sofware had to recognize the crane and the ball under the crane and send appropriate instructions to the robot to accomplish that task.

Custom Websites



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